SuperCity: Build A Story – The Ultimate Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

By | 20180219
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SuperCity is a Facebook, iOS and Android city-building game that takes all the fun of old-school social city-builders like CityVille and SimCity BuildIt, but without the super-stringent energy limits and with less need to constantly refill buildings. Your goal is to build and expand a city, help your friends do the same with their cities, and collect coins and SuperBucks while building up your population. Read on for some tips and tricks for SuperCity!

There won’t be a whole lot of guidance at first, so use the quests to figure out what to do and how things work. You’ll earn big rewards for building new types of buildings, and in the process, you’ll learn what they do, as well as how to expand and how to turn your goods into coins. Go rogue as needed, though, in order to complete quests faster – especially by building more farms.

There is a little bit of leeway that can be taken in order to make room for your buildings, especially when it comes to road layout. All that you need touching your building for it to work is ONE piece of road, so you can delete any that you don’t need, and even stick three or four buildings next to one single square of road, in order to get them working without having to use a lot of room.

As you gain levels and unlock new buildings, you will be able to earn more coins and experience for less energy spent, as well as add higher amounts of population for as little space as possible. Don’t be afraid to knock out old buildings, especially old residences, because all they’ll do in the later levels is clog up space and generate measly amounts of coins and experience, while draining all of your energy. Newer buildings will do better in every respect.

The more experience you gain, the more experience levels you gain, and the more experience levels you gain, the more areas of the map you’ll be able to seek out and expand to. Some outside areas, such as the bridge and the airship, will be unlocked until you reach specific levels, so keep collecting to add to your experience.

When you run out of energy, you will be able to immediately get more. All that you have to do is watch an ad video for five free energy. You can do this as many times as you want, but use it wisely. Add all the neighbors that you can in order to let them do the dirty work for you and save you energy.