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SuperHoops: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

SuperHoops is a new basketball shooting contest game for the iPhone and iPad. Your goal here is to shoot as many baskets and earn as many points as you can against players around the world. You can match up randomly against them via Game Center, Facebook and other mediums, and you’ll wager in-game cash in order to play them. Running out of cash sucks, but the fun isn’t over when you do. Read on for some tips and tricks for SuperHoops!

You won’t run out of cash as long as you make sure to play the Daily Challenge Mode. Here there is no cash wagered, but if you win you will earn cash. The more points that you score, the higher up in the challenge you’ll rank, and if you rank in the top three in the challenge, you will earn a ton of cash, more for the higher places of course.

A good rule of thumb to go by is to swipe up and then have your finger land in the middle of the square just above the hoop itself. The closer to the middle, the better your chances of making the shot, and you won’t brick it or airball it if you stop your thumb there rather than raising it up too high or not high enough.

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The farther away from the basket that you are and the more of an angle you are at, the harder it will be to aim; however, the harder shots will earn you more points per shot that you make, up to 10-20 points even for very far-away corner shots. The target with these shots is the same – the center of the small rectangle just above the hoop – but the target is smaller and farther away, making it tougher to do this.

Go to the profile menu and spend the cash to upgrade the ball that you have in order to make it easier to shoot farther, faster and more accurately. You won’t have to have as true of an aim in order to make the baskets. As you gain levels you will unlock new balls also, so be sure to purchase a new ball if you want better numbers and an even better upgrade upside.

If you hit enough shots in a row, the ball will be on fire. It won’t be any tougher to shoot, but every shot will be worth double the points that they would have been if the ball was not on fire. Miss two shots and the ball will lose its fire. Be sure to take advantage of the fire to the highest degree that you can.