Supreme Heroes: Get free Supremium!

Supremium is the premium currency in Supreme Heroes. If you don’t have any Supremium, but you want to be competitive especially in the PvP mode, then the word of the day is “Gitchasum!” Luckily, if you don’t want to spend any real life money on Supremium, then there are ways to get it for free. You can use your Supremium to open up premium card packs, first and foremost, but if you so desire, you can also buy bars and energy drinks in order to stay in the game longer. Read on for tips on how to get free Supremium!

The most obvious way to get more free Supremium is to log into Facebook via the game. You don’t have to let it post on your behalf, you just have to enable it as an app, so when it asks to post on your behalf, you can skip it if you want to. If you do this you’ll get 50 free Supremium, which is good for a good number of rare cards.

If you go to the Supremium store, you’ll see a button that says “get free Supremium”. Go to it and a massive offer wall will pop up, with most or all of it consisting of free offers. Some of them will consist of simply watching a video, while others will consist of downloading an app or viewing a webpage. Complete as many of the free offers as you want, and you can end up earning MASSIVE amounts of free Supremium.

Events can be a good way to earn free Supremium as well. Rewards can change depending on when the event is or what the event is. Usually, the event prize will be free supremium and other premium card packs, but sometimes, other wards, including Supremium, can pop up as well.

There are certain hacks which you can do to get more Supremium, but many of them require your phone to be jailbroken, and they’ll most likely get you banned from the game. Luckily, there are enough ways to get free Supremium even without the hacks that it shouldn’t be an issue.

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