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Survivor!.io – Best Build Guide and Weapon Skill Tier List, Part 2

Now that we have a breakdown of what the best weapons skills are, you know much of what you need to know in order to have a great loadout and beat the toughest zombies and bosses in the game, but another important factor is what weapons you equip before the game even starts.

Not all weapons are created equal in this game, not by a long shot. Some of your equipment weapons are very useful and almost overpowered, or some other ones are borderline useless. Let’s go over which weapons are the worst ones first.

The worst weapon in this game, by far, is the revolver. The revolver does the most shot damage, but you can only hit one zombie at a time, and you have to aim it manually. It’s extremely difficult to aim it in the direction that you want to.

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On top of all that, your character has to pause to reload the revolver after every six shots fired. That’s a long period of time without any shots, and that time can make or break a run in this game.

The second worst weapon is the shotgun. The shotgun has many of the same problems that the revolver has; the only strength that it has against the revolver is that the damage is area damage, not single shot damage, so you can knock out multiple zombies at a time with this weapon. Still, it’s far more of a pain to use than it’s worth.

The lightbringer is the sword weapon in this game, and is one of the better ones. You have targeted area damage by the sweeps that the sword makes, and The damage is high. The only weakness with this one is not that much distance on your attacks, but considering all of the other strengths, this weapon is head and shoulders above the revolver and the shotgun.

The Kunai is the second best weapon in the game. This is the weapon that you start the game with, in a while it might not seem like much at first, there is one thing in particular that gives this a huge advantage over most other weapons.

This is a single target weapon, just like the revolver, but unlike the revolver, there are no breaks after six shots. Additionally, the coon I automatically aims, so no shots are wasted, and it’s extremely effective against bosses because of this.

The best weapon in the game is the baseball bat. The baseball bat has a short distance of attack, but a large range, and with each upgrade, the range gets bigger and bigger. By the time the bat is fully upgraded, you will be swinging at half the zombies on the screen.

Because of the range of the bat, it’s also easy to aim it against bosses, and most of the time, you can still fairly easily avoid damage while doing this. This makes the baseball bat the best weapon in the game.

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Thursday 25th of August 2022

Play the game before writing a guide really the guardian is useless? You don’t even know how it works upgrading it makes it not disappear and it blocks ranged attacks making it extremely useful