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Survivor!.io – Full Boss Guide: How To Beat Every Boss

Survivor!.io is a massively popular game for the iOS and Android platforms that allows you to face off against endless mobs of zombies, as well as bosses. As you go from chapter to chapter, and through the trials, the bosses will become more and more difficult to beat, so what we are going to talk about in this article is the perfect strategy to defeat any boss in the game.

Read on for a guide to beating every single one of the bosses in the Survivor!.io!

The absolute most basic element to defeating any boss in the game, is to have your equipment and your evolutions in order. Try to go for the rarest equipment that you can, and level it up adequately. Purchase as many evolutions as you can that are available on the main menu.

No amount of tactics and strategy will help you beat the boss if you are underpowered for the chapter that you are on. That said, if you can get through the mobs and hordes, and make it to the boss in the first place, then you are equipped enough to defeat the boss.

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Next, you’re going to want to have the right skills to beat the boss. The best skill for boss fights is the lightning emitter, which evolves into the supercell, because it will automatically target the boss, without you having to do anything. There are a couple other auto targeting skills as well, such as the mortar, that will allow you to focus completely on evasion.

With every boss, you will be able to see The trajectory of the attack before it comes, or at least be able to recognize patterns in the attacks. Pay attention to the patterns of the shots that each boss fires, and for their other attacks, such as charge attacks, make sure to pay attention to the warning signals that you will get.

Stay as far away from the boss as possible, as well. The further that you are from the boss, the easier that it will be to avoid their attacks. No matter how far away you are from the boss, you will be able to do damage to them if you have auto targeting skills, or if you are using the Kunai, which is the one weapon that you can’t equip that will auto target the boss.

The guardian is another skill that will help you in boss battles, just as it can help you against mobs, but especially so in this case. The reason for that is that the guardian can block enemy fire, so if a shot hits the guardian before it gets to you, then it will disappear altogether, with the exception of the cell phones that the big bosses throw.

Beyond the few skills that are mentioned above, you will have leeway to try out other skills and see which ones you like the best. Some skills will be more effective against certain bosses than other bosses. For example, the death ray is extremely effective against bosses that charge at you, and will do tens of thousands of damage points to them.

In the stage three trial levels, you will face two bosses at a time instead of one. This adds a new element of strategy. In this case, do everything that has been advised above, with even greater caretaking to stay on the run. You’re also going to want to try to focus on meeting one boss at a time, then moving onto the next boss.