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Survivor!.io – Full Evolution List and Evo Guide, Part 2

On the previous page, we went over the evolutions for all of your weapons and your skills; that is not all that useful in this game, though. There is the evolution guide from the main menu itself, containing the various evolutions that you can purchase using gold in order to boost your stats. These stat boosts come regardless of what equipment you use, making them extra important.

You have regular evolutions, which you can purchase using gold, and key evolutions, which you can purchase using gold DNA, earned from the trials. As follows, here is a rundown of what they all do.

Strength: Increases your attack power with each purchase. The amount of additional attack power that you gain increases with each experience level that you gain.

Stamina: increases your hit point count. Just like above, the amount that you gain increases with each experience level that you get, although the cost will also increase.

Tenacity: increases your armor, which allows you to take less damage with each hit.

Restoration: increases the amount of hit points that you get back whenever you pick up meat. This, intern, increases the percentage of health that you get back.

These are the four standard evolutions. These evolutions will continue looping over and over one time for every experience level that you gain, up until experience level 80. These will end up requiring a ton of gold, but they will be well worth it.

Next up are the key evolutions, which can be purchased using gold DNA, and have a far more diverse set of benefits that are offered with them. These can’t give you the edge and especially tough battles. As follows, the key evolutions are:

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Lucky Dog: get one free skill at the start of the battle. This is without having to pick up any stones.

Rogue: reselect one skill per battle, right before the boss battle. This will allow you to get rid of a skill that you don’t like and potentially replace it with a skill that you do like.

Athlete: permanently increases your base movement speed by one.

Meat Lover: Increases the amount of healing that you get when you eat a piece of meat.

Seeker: this causes a piece of equipment to drop whenever you defeat a boss or a mini boss.

Owl: increases your circle of sight on stage is where there is darkness, especially third wave trials stages.

Devourer: this causes bosses to drop meat after you defeat them. This is excellent for healing after a tough battle.

Zealot: when you take lethal damage, you will be granted two seconds of invincibility. Particularly useful for those times when you literally came a second away from beating the boss and then got defeated.

Greedy: when defeated, monsters will drop gold. This may apply to all monsters, but especially bosses.

Blessed: when you level up during a battle, you are healed by 20% of your health.

Researcher: monsters drop a design when they are defeated. Designs, of course, or what allow you to upgrade your equipment.

Expose weakness: gives your hits a significant increase in the critical hit rate.

Divine Strike: gives you a chance at doing 10 X damage when you land a hit.

Watchmaker: increases the base statistics of all of your equipment by 5%.

Fusion Effect: increases the size of all of your projectiles by 5%.

Quantum Accel: increases the speed of all of your projectiles by 5%.

Viva la Materia: increases the damage dealt by every one of your skills by 5%.

Overreaction: Skill cooldown time decreases by 5%.

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