Sushi Clickers Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Sushi Clickers is a new kawaii-loaded followup to Cookie Clickers for the iOS platform. Your goal in this game is simply to tap the egg as much as possible to make as much sushi and earn as much Maki as possible. As you make more sushi, you can buy power ups to make sushi automatically, so that you can make sushi while you’re making sushi (Xzibit jokes, anyone?). Jokes aside, read on for some tips and tricks for Sushi Clickers!

The first power up that you should go for when you start off is the power clicker power-up. The power-clicker will double the value of every click at first. Then, the next upgrade will add a 4x multiplier to every click, then the next one will add an 8x multiplier to every click, and so on and so forth. This is the fastest way to load up on Maki, and will enable you to buy every other power up much more quickly.

If you haven’t gotten the Offline Production power up yet, go to the settings on your iPhone, go to general, and shut off the “Auto-Lock” feature. Now you will be able to leave the game on indefinitely when you’re not using your phone, thus earning automatic sushi eternally. Of course, this will also drain your battery life, so make sure you are keeping it charged.

Tap with 2 to 4 fingers at a time (or even more fingers, depending on how small your hands are) in order to earn sushi extremely quickly, and to fill up the multiplier bonus. Using your two index fingers, or your two index and middle fingers, is generally the recommended idea. Put your phone either on your lap or on a desk.

Alternatively, you can also do super quick taps with your thumb while holding the phone with your other fingers, and get the same effect. If you’re playing on an iPad, you can use more than four fingers easily, so tap with every single finger that you can fit on the screen – even some toes if you can.