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Swap Cops – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Win, and Strategy Guide

Swap Cops is a new, speedier take on the Swap Heroes formula, made by the developer of said Swap Heroes series. Your cops quest through mission after mission, saving civilians and defeating bad guys who look straight out of an Oney Cartoons-version of TMNT, while collecting coins to upgrade your cops. Read on for some tips and tricks for Swap Cops!

The levels get harder and harder as they go, and unfortunately, the game has a way of stopping you from moving back to previous levels to get more coins. After each level though, even if you lose you wil learn coins for the enemies that you managed to kill. Plus, you will have the option to watch an ad video for 50 free coins.

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If you want to heal two cops at the same time, keep double-tapping rapidly on top of the two of them until eventually they both go to the back spot. After you do this, you’ll have to double-tap on the back spot and the empty spot continuously until they both go back to their normal spots.

Choose who to swap based on who is missing the most health. Send the cop with the least health to the back especially if they are in the yellow or the red. If your cops all in good health then tap on the back cop and everyone will shoot (but not use a skill). Or pick who to swap based on what skill you want to use. If your goal is a side goal (such as knocking out targets with skills) then choose based on that one, as well.

You can save up coins in order to get new and powerful cops, but they are far more expensive than each of the individual upgrades. You’re going to lose a ton of games, so make sure to watch a video after each time that you lose. It’s a slow grind but eventually, without spending any of your real life money, you will end up with enough coins to buy a new cop.

If just ONE of your cops dies, then your game is done, so watch out for all of their health. And watch out for enemies who are flashing red. Any enemy who flashes red is an enemy that is about to attack you from up close, meaning that if they are not already damaging you, they will do damage. If they are damaging you, then they will simply do even more damage than they did before.