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Swing Copters 2: How to unlock every character

Swing Copters 2 is the latest game by .GEARS, Dong Nguyen’s studio that’s more well-known for Flappy Bird, still the biggest viral craze ever to hit mobile gaming platforms. This game plays much like the first Swing Copters except that now there are a ton of characters to unlock, with different performance characteristics. Read on for tips on how to unlock every single character in Swing Copters 2!

Spinki Falling: You start off with this one, so there is no need to unlock him.
Snowy: Earn 1 total bronze medal.
Fati Belly: Earn 3 total bronze medals.
Broke Cat: Earn a total of 200 points over the course of the game.

Simply Bad: Earn 1 total silver medal.
Pinki Jolie: Earn a total of 500 points over the course of the game.
Copta McEgg: Earn 5 total silver medals.
Baru Bouncy: Earn 1 total gold medal.

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Momo the Kid: Earn 3 total gold medals.
Big Head: Earn 1 platinum medal.
Franki Mindless: Earn 3 total platinum medals.
Leo Da Spini: Earn 750 total points over the course of the game.

Lil Birdy: Earn 5 total platinum medals.
Spinkimaru: Earn 1,000 total points over the course of the game.
Fabi Crasher: Earn 1,500 total points over the course of the game.

You can also purchase any one of these characters for $.99 cents apiece if you want to (or whatever the equivalent price is in your local currency). In addition, if you earn all four medals with one character, you will “master” that character. Can you master every single character in the game?