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Swing Copters 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Swing Copters 2 is the latest release by .GEARS, the studio headed by Dong Nguyen that’s most famous for the biggest mobile game internet sensation of all time, Flappy Bird. This sequel plays much like the original (meaning it’s way more difficult than Flappy Bird is) but gives you loads of different characters to unlock as well as new types of obstacles to pass. Read on for some tips and tricks for Swing Copters 2!

This game is tough any way that you slice it, but it’s a little bit easier to learn if you tap with two thumbs instead of one. When your character is moving right, tap with your left thumb since the next tap will turn it left, and vice versa. This makes it seem easier because you’re then coordinating your body with the direction that you’re turning your copter.

It’s easy to watch the rebar and to try to steer around that and then overlook the hammers. Instead, watch the hammers primarily, since they swing back and forth. Move yourself in between the hammers and it will be easier to put a secondary focus on the green rebar and move right through it.

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You can get different medals just like in Flappy Bird, except in this game, the medals actually earn you new characters. 10 points earns you a bronze medal, 20 points gets you a silver medal, 30 earns you gold, and 40 earns you a platinum medal. 0 points, of course, earns you a paper medal.

Characters can either be unlocked by earning specific amounts of each color medal, or by earning a specific amount of total points over your whole time playing the game. Their stats are ranked in vertical speed, horizontal speed, and general ease of control. The higher the ease of control stat, the more smoothly they tend to change direction when you tap.

However, play with characters even if their stats appear inferior at first because their stats are not inferior; they are just different. Leo da Spini, for example, appears to have bad stats at first, but if you play with him he is actually VERY easy to control, because he moves slowly and reverses direction abruptly when you tap. Conversely, Fabi Crasher can be a bit of a challenge at first due to his ridiculously high speed, although once you get used to it, it’s very easy to earn a high score with Fabi Crasher.