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Switch & Drop – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Switch & Drop is a new puzzle game by Chillingo for the iOS platform. Unlike other match three games, which tend to usually be clones of each other, Switch & Drop has a unique method of play that involves you dropping one entire line at a time, moving all of the different color blocks to the left or to the right as needed in order to attempt to create matches of three or more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Switch & Drop!

Shortly on into the game, you will start to unlock various special tiles. One of these is the bomb tile, which explodes blocks in a 5 x 5 radius with the bomb being the center of the blast, in addition to whatever match you make on a line. Go for the special tiles in anyway possible especially on really tough stages.

You have five hearts, or lives, at the beginning of the game, and each time that you lose at a level, one life will be removed from your life meter. You can either wait for the life to return on its own, or you can set the time ahead on your phone or tablet in order to regain anywhere between one and five lives instantaneously. Do this trick as many times as you want in order to keep playing for an infinite amount of time.

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You can also play without the advertisements if you want to, without having to pay to remove the ads. Simply set your phone into airplane mode or shut off the data and turn off the Wi-Fi as well, then go back to the game and the ads will stop appearing but the game will continue on as normal. While it is inconvenient to do, it is full proof.

You will get a certain amount of in game cash for what you do depending on how well you do on a stage in how many stars do you have when you finish it. You can always go back and try again on a stage later if you feel like you could have gotten a better score. As a bonus, if you get more stars on the stage, you will earn more in the game cash as well.

The game initially teaches you to tap the screen in order to move the color tiles. Instead, put your finger down and slide it to the left or to the right to slide the colors to the left or to the right. This is a much faster way to do things, which is important especially on the later levels.