Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel – Character Upgrade Guide: Star Rarity, Levels, Limit Break, Equipment, Skills, and more!

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Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel is the latest popular gacha RPG for the iOS and Android platforms, with a good mix of old and new elements. You can collect a huge number of characters, level them up, and then upgrade them and their equipment in a variety of ways in order to take on the toughest challenges in the game.

Not only this, but you can attain full customization of a character by managing their skills; both their battle skills and their sword skills, of which each character has a long list.

Enhance (Leveling Up)

The most basic way to upgrade a character is by leveling them up. Level caps are much higher than they are in similar games; for a one star character, the level cap is 50, and the max increases by 10 for each extra star added to their rarity.

Level up a character in a few ways. Primarily, you can go to battles and fight and grind for experience, but you can also earn enhancement items such as EXP blessings, which can then be used to increase the experience of your characters.

There are both non-elemental and elemental EXP blessings. The main difference between the two is that when you give a character an EXP blessing that matches their elemental, they will gain an EXP bonus.

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Star Rarity

Star rarity cannot be evolved or upgraded in this game, unlike other similar games, so what you see is what you get. There are some things to keep in mind for star rarity, though, especially if you are fond of the Auto Party option.

First, while a new rare 3-5 star character might INITIALLY be weaker than other characters in your party, that’s because they need to be leveled up. Enhance them or grind in battles with them to increase their stats to much higher levels.

Limit Break

This allows you to increase the maximum experience level of any one character. Limit Break items are generally organized by element or non-element – or for event characters, they tend to have one specific item that works only for them.

If you limit break a character, their max experience level increases by 5. A character can be Limit Broke up to four times, and after the fourth one, their character illustration will change, which is the closest thing to evolution that we get in this game.


You can equip various forms of equipment into the three equipment slots right from the beginning, but you cannot upgrade anything until you unlock the Blacksmith. Even so, make sure that every one of your characters has all of their equip slots filled as quickly as possible.

When you take a character out of your party, make sure that you take away their equipment so that you can give it to another character and fill up their equipment slots.

Equipment Upgrade/Blacksmith

In the middle of Chapter 3, you will be able to unlock the Blacksmith, and from there you will be able to upgrade your equipment. You’ll be able to Upgrade in order to increase your equipment’s level, and Limit Break it in order to increase the maximum equipment upgrade level.

You can also use Exchange Equipment in order to unlock special weapons. You need to have weapons of a specific rarity or greater in order to do the exchange.


Hit the Skills are and you will be able to upgrade by enhancing skills that you already have, or by learning new skills. Sword Skills are active techniques that you can use in battle, while Battle Skills are passive techniques that increase your statistics.

Other skills will allow you to specifically enhance Sword Skills that you already have,. All skills require various skill upgrade and unlock items. Many of these, such as seeds, are found randomly when walking around the exploration areas in the main stories.

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