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Sword of Chaos – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Sword of Chaos is a new MMO action RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that combines a rather deep and nuanced fighting method with female characters that have some of the most cartoonishly ridiculous breasts in the history of videogames. You can pick from one of three characters, each of whom can equip a multitude of weapons and armor and play not only in instance battles, but in raids and in special events as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sword of Chaos!

In battle you have not only regular attacks and dodge moves at your disposal, but multiple skills – and multiple levels of each skill, meaning that if you use a skill more than one time in a row, a different attack happens. This is usually two attack levels, but there can be more levels than that depending on the skill. You might have a skill that you can use three or four times in a row before having to finally let it charge.

At level 10 you can unlock the auto battling mode, which makes it a lot easier to grind for experience points, gold and items – you can just put your phone down instead of having to control every move. However, when you are fighting in an extra tough battle, such as an area boss, switch back to manual mode and start using hit and run attacks to make sure that you take as little damage as possible. This especially applies with the mage, since she is a long distance attacker.

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Quests, of course, are possibly a stronger source of experience points than battles are, even, and the game automatically sends you where you need to go if you go to the quest menu and tap on the quest you want to take on. Combine the auto-populate mode in quests and the auto-battling mode and you can level your characters all day long if you choose.

Don’t get stuck doing just the quest auto populate, though. Talk to everyone that you see in the town that you’re able to talk to. Many of them will have new quests that you otherwise wouldn’t find, and with new quests come new rewards, rare weapons and armor, and more good stuff.

Keep an eye out for special events, and for multiplayer events such as raids. These will often provide much better rewards than just the single-player quests. Right now the game is in Open Beta, but the older the game gets, the more of these will start to pop up.