Swords & Poker Adventures – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Swords & Poker Adventures is the third game in the long-dormant franchise that Konami recently purchases and revived for the iOS and Android. This creative variant on the puzzle RPG formula puts you in semi free-roaming combat against a horde of deadly monsters, with the method of victory being, of course, putting enough poker hands together to beat them in battle. Oh, and with all of the social elements present in this game, you and your friends can send bonus cards to each other as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Swords & Poker Adventures!

Before you make a hand, pay attention to what weapon you have. Your weapons have different attacking properties, often leading to different damage differentials for different hands. Many weapons have one pair doing the same damage as two pairs or even three of a kind, which makes those two hands entirely useless.

Pay attention to the outsides of the square, too. Even though you can’t make combos on the outside area of your square specifically, you can still make combos secondarily, which will allow you to make two or even three combos in one single turn. Alternatively, you can also play defensively to do your best to block your opponent from making these kinds of combos too.

Each stage has up to three stars that you can earn. Before you enter a stage, tap it and then go see what you have to do to earn each star, as the task is different on every stage. Go back and earn stars on old stages for new, bigger bonuses.

Connect Swords and Poker Adventures to Facebook to play the game with friends, if you have any who play the game. If not, you can make a secondary Facebook account for games, then start adding accounts from the Swords and Poker Adventures Facebook page, or from the comment section of this article, or even from the App Store review pages that post add me requests. Or you can post your own.

As you play you’ll charge up the Wild Card button. Use this to aid you whenever it can contribute towards making a massive combo, such as a four- or a five-of-a-kind or a full house, or a straight, or a flush. Also, certain stars require you to execute magic skills and other techniques (burning monsters, stealing cards, etc), so switch between weapons as needed in order to earn all possible stars.