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Tactile Wars: How to get more medals, experience and rank

Tactile Wars is a strategy action game where your goal is to repaint other colors to your color, and this is done by attempting total annihilation of their soldiers with your soldiers. Sound like a bad gang war? It’s actually family friendly. Anyways, you can earn rank in this game judging by how well you do in battle, and how many medals you earn. Experience points allow you to level up and unlock upgrade after upgrade. Read on to find out how to get more medals, experience and rank in Tactile Wars!

Getting more rank is fairly simple. When you pick someone to attack, pick whoever has the highest rank. The higher their rank is, the more rank you will get in return. Of course, then you have to actually win the battle, or else you will lose rank. If you win the battle, though, then you gain rank, so keep fighting in order to gain rank.

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Build up your defenses and make them unstoppable. Upgrade with all of the new technologies that you unlock after leveling up, and then add them to your base. Evolve your base too in order to make it more difficult. A good strategy is to load up one half of your base with troopers, then the other half of your base with turrets. Troopers without leaders are an absolute pain to kill. Turrets and their variants (tank turrets, for example) are downright nasty and take forever to kill.

Wanna get more medals? The way to get more medals is to make combos out of enemy fighters. Have multiple leaders floating in the bubble at the same time, and then tap them in short succession of each other. The more you can tap in a short time, the more medals start popping up. Tap the medals to acquire them, and then they will count toward your score in battle. The combos themselves also count toward your score.

The higher grade you get in battle, the more experience points that you earn. An A and an S can get you a lot of experience points. Not so much for the C and D grades, and losing the battle will earn you the fewest experience points of all. The more medals and the more combos you get, as above, the higher letter grade that you get.

The best way to earn experience, though, is from the achievements, especially the daily quests, which unlock once you hit level 6. These can offer thousands of experience points at a time and potentially allow you to gain multiple levels at a time.