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Tactile Wars – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Tactile Wars is a new MMO strategy game for the iOS and Android platforms. It does tower defense and tower offense in a way that’s completely unique and, despite sharing a genre with Clash of Clans, does not rip anything at all from it, instead coming completely original. You can collect gold and prisms and build up your base into a super powerful, unbreakable entity. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tactile Wars!

Your success or failure depends almost entirely on what your formation is set at, plus the smart usage of it. Draw a formation shape that allows you to defend most effectively against enemies at the particular spot that they come from at the time, then change its shape when enemies come from new places. When you need to get through mine fields, draw a tight and tiny circle to make your formation crowd together.

Use hit and run strategies. Don’t run up close and engage like that. Get JUST close enough to shoot, then back off a bit and stay just close enough to get some shots in but far enough that you can run as needed. You will take far less shots this way.

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The best way to know if your base is tough enough to survive attacks is to attack it yourself. After you finish placing all of your defensive implements, attack your own base. If you’re a really good attacker you might win no matter what, but if that’s the case and you can’t win with a higher grade than a DDD, that’s about as close to winning as you are going to get.

You can get free coins by going to the shop area and watching the “Propaganda”, or advertisement videos. You can get free Prisms, the premium currency of the game, completing the various missions that the game gives you. They are located underneath the trophy icon, and they have to do with either attacking, defending, or leveling up. Free gold, free prisms and free experience points are yours for the taking here.

Mines can be a huge pain in the ass, but if you run over them fast and run away from them before they blow up, you will take absolutely no damage. Draw yourself in a straight line parallel to the mine line and run through them to make them all go away extremely quickly. Or tightly bunch your team together in formation and run through one of them at a time.

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