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OFFICIAL PHOTOS: Jaguar C-X16 concept previews the 2013/2014 Jaguar XE

What we’re looking at here is the all-new Jaguar C-X16 concept, which has been revealed early by Jaguar and is scheduled to make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 13th of this year.   http://shows.autospies.com/gallery/jaguar-c-x16-concept-lg/JAGUAR_C-X16_STUDIO_07.jpg   This new concept is not a preview of the next generation of the XK coupe. Rather, […Read More]

SPY SHOTS: 2013 Ford Focus ST

            http://cdn2.worldcarfans.co/2011/5/26/medium/626496667982523766.jpg Source:  World Car Fans     This is a shot of the new 2013 Ford Focus ST, making its rounds around the Nurburgring. Whether that Lexus LFA that is tailgating it is a related vehicle is unknown, but we’re pretty sure Ford isn’t trying to benchmark a mid-engined […Read More]