OFFICIAL PHOTOS: Jaguar C-X16 concept previews the 2013/2014 Jaguar XE

What we’re looking at here is the all-new Jaguar C-X16 concept, which has been revealed early by Jaguar and is scheduled to make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 13th of this year.   This new concept is not a preview of the next generation of the XK coupe. Rather, […Read More]

SPY SHOTS: 2013 Subaru BRZ (Subaru Zenith?)

What we have here is the first set of spy shots for the Subaru BRZ, which is the Subie-badged version of the “Toyobaru” coupe that has been in the works for years and will finally be revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show.   We can’t tell too much yet from the spy shots, […Read More]

SPY SHOTS: 2013 Ford Mondeo (AKA 2013 Ford Fusion)

  What we have here is the 2013 Ford Fusion, also known as the 2013 Ford Mondeo. This long-awaited successor to two megahit cars (the Ford Fusion in North America and the Ford Mondeo in Europe and elsewhere) is going to merge into one car for both model lines. Judging by the looks of the […Read More]

SPY SHOTS: 2013 Ford Focus ST

   Source:  World Car Fans     This is a shot of the new 2013 Ford Focus ST, making its rounds around the Nurburgring. Whether that Lexus LFA that is tailgating it is a related vehicle is unknown, but we’re pretty sure Ford isn’t trying to benchmark a mid-engined […Read More]