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Age of Warring Empire Tips and Cheats Guide, Part 3: Rare Heroes, Defense, Treasures, and More

Welcome to part 3 of the tips and tricks guide to Age of Warring Empire! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide. Heroes who have more than 1 star (especially the three, four and five-star rare heroes) will have base stats that are FAR higher than common heroes. If you only […Read More]

Age of Warring Empire: Attack Guide – How to win battles, occupy wilds and loot cities

Age of Warring Empire’s main goal is to destroy or be destroyed. It’s a simple concept wrapped in a somewhat complicated game package. There are many different battle instances in Age of Warring Empires, such as when you attempt to occupy a wild or a stronghold, attack a Treasure hill (as rare as these are), […Read More]

Age of Warring Empire: Defense Guide – How to successfully defend your city

In Age of Warring Empire, defending your city is just as important as attacking other players’ cities. If you get attacked and your city is not adequately defended, you will end up losing resources, having your troops killed, and having your progress set back far more than it would be otherwise. If you can successfully […Read More]

Age of Warring Empire: Resource Guide – How to get more wood, iron, stone and food

In Age of Warring Empire, an MMO strategy game for iOS and Android, your four main resources are the cornerstone for building your empire and battling other empires. Without your resources, you can’t build and upgrade your buildings, train new troops, or sell them in the market. It always seems like one resource or another […Read More]

Age of Warring Empire Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the Age of Warring Empire tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide. Since there are only four types of troops that you can train, winning battles is essentially a numbers game. Train insanely high numbers of troops, level up your heroes as […Read More]

Age of Warring Empire: How to get more copper coins and gold coins

There are two different types of premium, rare resource in Age of Warring Empire for the iPhone and Android. One of them is gold coins (the appearance of these is obvious), while the other is copper coins (this looks like a money bag). Gold coins are the most premium currency of the game, because they […Read More]

Age of Warring Empire (iOS/Android) Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Age of Warring Empire is a new MMO strategy game by Silent Ocean/ELEX Wireless for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s one of the top grossing apps there is now, appealing to fans of games such as Spartan Wars or Kingdoms of Camelot, with your goal being to go from gathering resources and training troops, […Read More]