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Honkai Impact 3rd (Houkai 3rd) – List of Redemption Codes and How To Find More of Them

Honkai Impact 3rd, known as Houkai 3rd in some countries, it’s a mobile action RPG that has been popular for a while. This iOS and Android game involves you in the action far more than most mobile RPG‘s deal, as well as challenging you and giving you a more interactive experience. With the multitude of […Read More]

Date a Live: Spirit Pledge – List of Gift Exchange Codes and How to Find More of Them

Date a Live: Spirit Pledge is a brand new and interesting cross between a mobile RPG and a dating simulator for the iOS and Android platforms. You go through all kinds of quests in missions, similar to RPG‘s, but there is also romantic action involving your waifu of choice. There are plenty of ways to […Read More]