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BitLife (version 1.27): New Feature Guide: Multiple Save Slots, Adoption, Doctor Ratings, Circumcision, Funerals, and more!

BitLife: Life Simulator recently had a major update, version 1.27, that added all sorts of new features, and more features that simply make it a more complete game. The biggest new one is the ability to have more than one saved game; this makes a huge difference in the game. You can also choose doctors […Read More]

BitLife: Update 1.23 School Guide – Grades, Popularity, Cliques, Activities, Faculty, and more!

BitLife: Life Simulator just got a huge new update that completely overhauls the school system in the game. Previously, school just kind of happened, but now, much like with the prison update, school has been turned into a full fledged component of the game. You can go for the best grades and the highest popularity […Read More]