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FRANKFURT MOTOR SHOW: The 2013 Maserati Kubang SUV finally debuts! Photos and information

And now, something we have all been waiting for for a very long time, ever since Chrysler was taken over by Fiat, and Sergio Marchionne announced that a brand new Maserati SUV would be in the works. Enter the all new, production ready Maserati Kubang SUV. http://www.blogcdn.com/www.autoblog.com/media/2011/09/maseratikubang19-1315926298.jpg Maserati has finally pulled the wraps off of […Read More]

Official Sketch: 2014/2015 Infiniti EV sedan

Pictured here is a sketch that Infiniti dropped out of nowhere at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This sketch shows off a brand new, midsize, front wheel drive electric sedan concept that is said to preview a production car that will launch sometime in 2014. http://www.blogcdn.com/www.autoblog.com/media/2011/09/infiniti628.jpg There has yet to be any official word on any […Read More]

OFFICIALLY REVEALED: Alfa Romeo 4C comes out before the Frankfurt Motor Show

Pictured here is the brand new, beautiful, Alfa Romeo 4C concept, which is set to be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show starting tomorrow, but has been leaked out early by Alfa Romeo itself. http://www.speedlux.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Alfa-Romeo-4C-Concept-1-651×433.jpg This is the first time the concept car has been seen in a color other than red. This new design […Read More]

OFFICIALLY REVEALED: Audi Urban Sportback and Roadster concepts

Pictured here is the all new, long awaited Audi Urban Sportback concept at its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show during a media presentation. http://www.speedlux.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Audi-Urban-Concept-launch-2011-Frankfurt-Auto-Show-2-650×434.jpg This is the first set of real life images of Audi’s new city car concept. The revolutionary Audi Urban concept, in both sportback and roadster form, weighs just over 1,000 […Read More]

OFFICIAL PHOTOS: The Mercedes-Benz F125! concept

Out of nowhere before the Frankfurt Motor Show comes a brand new concept – the Mercedes-Benz F 125! concept. Yes, that exclaimation point is part of the name. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-It2jWhcuoEA/Tm4vRg6V08I/AAAAAAAAIWg/oRZdeICNKfE/s1600/B.jpg The 125 signifies the 125th anniversary of Carl Benz registering the patent for the world’s first gasoline powered automobile. Ironically, this odd looking gullwing coupe is […Read More]

RENDERED: Porsche’s Ferrari 458 Italia fighter, the 961

Pictured here is a rendering of the all new Porsche 959 replacement that is set to do battle with the Ferrari 458 Italia. This is reportedly going to be called the Porsche 961. http://www.speedlux.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/ 08/Porsche ’s-Ferrari-Opponent-Rendering.jpg The big news about the Porsche 961 will be the engine that drives power to the wheels. Porsche is […Read More]

OFFICIAL PHOTOS: The all-new 2013 Eterniti Hemera is revealed before Frankfurt!

The Eterniti Hemera is the mysterious super-luxury, super-sports SUV that has been hinted at by a mysterious British company that claims to be a new manufacturer of super luxury cars, and now, we have some official pictures that show off just what the new Eterniti Hemera is all about. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-5-j05C9O-_o/TmogimmxXtI/AAAAAAAE_HE/qEIysx2n_G8/s1600/Eterniti-Motors-Hemera-3.jpg Yep, you guessed it, and […Read More]

LEAKED: 2013-2014 Maserati SUV concept revealed in the Frankfurt Auto Show pocket guide!

Pictured here is the new 2013/2014 Maserati SUV concept, which has been often discussed but hasn’t received a name yet, but has now been revealed publicly for all to see.   http://shows.autospies.com/gallery/auto-show-photos.asp?imageId=132962&galleryId=346   UPDATE: The Maserati Kubang SUV has debuted in person. Check out the link for details.   The Maserati SUV concept is based […Read More]

RENDERED: 2013/2014 Mercedes-Benz MLC-class (sports utility coupe)

    This is a rendering of the new Mercedes-Benz MLC-class Crossover-coupe concept, the latest entry in the new SUV-coupe-crossover hermaphrodite vehicle trend which was pioneered by the BMW X6, with the Infiniti FX as the “granddaddy” of the genre. This rendering, along with some information about the proposed Benz MLC, is sourced from the […Read More]