SPY SHOTS: 2014 Renault Clio 5-door Concept

Pictured here is a mysterious concept car in the Renault design studio that has had absolutely zero information released about it so far, but is set to make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, along with a slew of other Renault design concepts that will be debuting there.   http://media.autoweek.nl/m/m1eyu47blxe6_800.jpg       So, […Read More]

RENDERED: 2013/2014 Mercedes-Benz MLC-class (sports utility coupe)

    This is a rendering of the new Mercedes-Benz MLC-class Crossover-coupe concept, the latest entry in the new SUV-coupe-crossover hermaphrodite vehicle trend which was pioneered by the BMW X6, with the Infiniti FX as the “granddaddy” of the genre. This rendering, along with some information about the proposed Benz MLC, is sourced from the […Read More]

TEASER and INFORMATION: 2014 Eterniti Hemera

    http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-wznlznza_T4/TmTt-znBOsI/AAAAAAAE-EU/ANbaXvwd1VA/s800/ETERNITI-HEMERA-11.jpg     Pictured here is the first teaser photo of the Eterniti Hemera, a brand new British super-luxury SUV from a mysterious company with a questionable choice of name (Infiniti, anyone?). This mysterious vehicle is designed to be the Bentley and Rolls Royce of SUVs, a market that has shockingly not been […Read More]

RENDERED: 2014 Renault Scenic

Courtesy of www.autoten.com. What you see here is a rendering of the all new 2014 Renault Scenic, thanks to the French magazine Auto Plus. Even though the current one is definitely much more of an MPV look, this one appears to take on a tall hatchback sort of look.   Whatever it is, it is far […Read More]

RENDERED: Audi A2 concept previews the real 2014 Audi A2

Image courtesy of http://carscoop.blogspot.com   Audi’s A2 is one car that certainly never got the credit it deserved. While it was a rather ungainly looking ride, the little miniature MPV was far ahead of its time in both its fuel economy and its construction. The all-aluminum A2 was produced from 1999 to 2005, carried a […Read More]

Land Rover DC100 concept previews the 2013/2014 Land Rover Defender

Land Rover has big plans for the all new Land Rover Defender, if the Frankfurt-bound Land Rover DC100 concept is any indication.   The official word right now is that this is just a concept. According to the suits in the offices at Land Rover, it’s not even a sure thing if the Defender itself […Read More]

Are you the new 2013/2014 Kia Veredus (Kia K10)?

Could the still-unnamed, still-hot Kia RWD sedan concept, with its suicide doors and its sexy style, end up being the new 2013/2014 Kia K10 or Kia Veredus? For my money, yes, it will. Kia has already trademarked the Veredus name, and it sounds like a fairly premium name for a fairly premium car. It’s already […Read More]