CastleVille Energy Cheats, Tips and Strategies: How to get free energy without spending Castle Crowns

Like many Zynga games, CastleVille is a game in which you are limited in what you can do by the amount of energy you have. You run out of energy fairly quickly, though not as quickly as in games like Adventure World, and then you have to wait for it to replenish. Energy takes 5 […Read More]

Guide to The Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In on Facebook: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints, strategies – energy tips

For those who like The Vampire Diaries, the teenage vampire drama on The CW, there is now a Facebook game for you to play when you’re not watching the show. The Vampire Diaries: Get Sucked In is a big hit already, and provides hours of gameplay per day for those who enjoy the show. If […Read More]

Guide to HotShot for Facebook: Tips, tricks, strategies, cheats, hints, and energy help

HotShot is a casual Facebook game that’s a lot like pinball, minus the pins. Your goal is to shoot the ball out of the cannon at the top of the screen and knock out all of the red pegs. It’s not complicated, but it can get extremely difficult later on, especially as you use up […Read More]

CityVille by Zynga for Facebook: Guide to getting more Energy

CityVille is the most popular Facebook game of all time, the game that knocked its own “sibling”, FarmVille, off it’s pedestal. It’s the established king of city building games on Facebook, and it’s simple yet quite challenging. One of the big limiters is energy. How do you gain more? How do you conserve energy? What […Read More]