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Wasteland Empires: How to get more Car Batteries, Diamond Saw Blades, Old Tires, Chains, Green Leather Thongs, Data Disks, Energy Cells, Propane Tanks, Sheet Metal, Wrenches, Metal Tubes and other essential items

In Wasteland Empires, often it seems like it can be almost impossible to do everything that you need to do in order to advance in the game, such as to complete new buildings and complete new upgrades on buildings, thanks to the wealth of random items you seemingly have to have in order to be […Read More]

Wasteland Empires for Facebook: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Wasteland Empires is the brand new Crowdstar strategy game for Facebook that represents a shift in paradigm for the company. Whereas their most recent smash hit, It Girl, is about as female-oriented as it gets, Wasteland Empires represents their opening shot in a rapidly growing genre of male-oriented Facebook games. Wasteland Empires runs in a […Read More]

War Commander for Facebook: Attack strategies to raid bases, avoid damage protection and collect massive amounts of resources

Are you having a hard time successfully attacking other players’ bases in War Commander? This attack strategy will allow you to more easily destroy other bases and raid massive amounts of resources, both from players and from computer controlled bases that are a higher level and contain more resources, as well as heavier defenses. Read […Read More]

Bubble Witch Saga for Facebook: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

The latest bubble shooter game for Facebook is Bubble Witch Saga, which puts a Halloween style spin on the bubble shooting theme, and adds a bunch of new twists. Are you just starting out playing Bubble Witch Saga? Maybe you are already playing it and you just want some tips and tricks. Either way, read […Read More]