RENDERED: Porsche’s Ferrari 458 Italia fighter, the 961

Pictured here is a rendering of the all new Porsche 959 replacement that is set to do battle with the Ferrari 458 Italia. This is reportedly going to be called the Porsche 961. 08/Porsche ’s-Ferrari-Opponent-Rendering.jpg The big news about the Porsche 961 will be the engine that drives power to the wheels. Porsche is […Read More]

Photos, Information and Video: Heffner Performance Ferrari 458 Italia Twin-Turbo

If you have a whole lot of money to spend on a twin turbo Italian exotic supercar, but Robert Himler’s twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo isn’t so much to your liking, Heffner Performance wants to make sure you know that you have another option out there. Cue in the Heffner Ferrari 458 Italia Twin Turbo.   […Read More]