Mortal Kombat X (iOS/Android): How to get silver and gold rare fighter cards

Mortal Kombat X for the iOS and Android, unlike the console versions, de-emphasizes the complex fighting in favor of simple swipe controls, instead placing the emphasis on card collection (or kard kollection, in this game’s cheesy Kardashianesque parlance). You can collect bronze cards, most of which are basic characters who are nameless and faceless, or […Read More]

Mortal Kombat X (iOS/Android): How to get more Souls

Mortal Kombat X is the first mobile f2p iPhone, iPad and Android app entry into the massively popular fighting game franchise that has run strong for the last 23 years. Souls are the premium currency of this game, and quite appropriately, considering the subject matter. Not to mention, collection is one of the most important […Read More]

Mortal Kombat X (iOS/Android): Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Mortal Kombat X is the mobile version of the new console entry into the Mortal Kombat series. Like mobile versions of previous NetherRealm fighting games, this is a hybrid fighter/card battler with swipe controls and combo attacks, but of course, this being Mortal Kombat, some extra-gory fatalities are added in as well (including the hilarious […Read More]