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The Sims Social: How to find the Haunted Mirror and how to complete the Ghost Town Quests – How to get Dusters, Riddles, Witches Hats, Fear, Skulls, and Trick or Treat bags

The Sims Social has a whole bunch of new Halloween quests out, but there is one quest that confuses everybody – find the Haunted Mirror. Go into your shop and look around, and you will see NOTHING that is called the Haunted Mirror. So how do you complete that one, what comes after that quest, […Read More]

The Sims Social for Facebook: Guide to levitation and making objects float

One of the things people wonder about in The Sims Social is how to levitate objects. You have probably seen your friends do it and it sounds impossible, but guaranteed, you can do it quite easily. Your friends will be jealous and they will almost certainly be asking you how you did it, so what […Read More]