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Ulala: Idle Adventure – Server Error Guide: How To Fix Server Obtaining Error and Server Connection Failed

Ulala: Idle Adventure is an insanely popular idle RPG for the iOS and Android, and that popularity continues to grow throughout the days. Unfortunately, that can also mean that server errors pop up occasionally. These errors can range from making the game unplayable to simply adding extra latency or making it so that things take […Read More]

Ulala: Idle Adventure – Complete Toy Guide: Toy Store, Rainbow Stones, Best Toys, Set Bonuses, and more!

If you’ve been playing Ulala: Idle Adventure for awhile now, you know that there are a ton of different things that unlock in the game as you gain player levels. One of the very last to unlock is the Toy Store, which, while it might seem like a small boost to your game, actually becomes […Read More]