War of the Fallen: How to get more coins and gems

War of the Fallen, the new Zynga card battler for the iPhone and iPad and other iOS devices, contains two different main types of currency. In this game you can earn coins and gems. Gems are the premium currency of the game, and the ones that can buy you special items and extremely rare cards. […Read More]

War of the Fallen: How to strengthen and forge cards

War of the Fallen is the latest card battler by Zynga, who had major success with the smash hit Ayakashi Ghost Guild last year. You collect and battle cards, and the attack and defense of each card, and of your entire party in general, determine whether you win or lose, and strengthening your cards will […Read More]

War of the Fallen: How to evolve your cards

War of the Fallen for the iPhone and other iOS devices is Zynga’s newest entry in the card battle genre, following Ayakashi Ghost Guild and the now-defunct Montopia. Your goal is to collect and battle with cards, and the rarity of a card usually defines how good it is. The game changer, though, is evolving […Read More]

Guide to War of the Fallen for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

War of the Fallen is a new card battling game by Zynga, to follow up their big hit Ayakashi Ghost Guild. This game is much tougher than that one, but less story driven. Even still though, it packs a good bit of strategy gameplay along with enough of a story to make it interesting. You […Read More]