Zombie Farm 2: How to get more brains and coins

Zombie Farm 2 is the smash hit sequel to the original smash hit game, and like its predecessor, it has you growing both more zombies and more plants in order to invade Old McDonnell’s farm, beat up on his farmers, and win a whole bunch of coins and prizes, and even invade other locales as […Read More]

Guide to Zombie Farm 2 for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats, strategies and help

Zombie Farm was the original hybrid game between zombie war games and plant farming games, and it was a big hit in the mobile gaming field. Zombie Farm 2 is the sequel, and continues that success with the same cute-looking art style, the same mission to fire up wars against Old McDonnell, but now with […Read More]

Guide to Zombie Farm: tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Zombie Farm is a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that combines two of the most popular genres in social gaming today: farming games and zombie games. In Zombie Farm your goal is to create a productive farm full of both plants and zombies. Your plants serve the purpose of making money and your […Read More]