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Taichi Panda: Heroes – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Taichi Panda: Heroes is the sequel to the smash hit Taichi Panda, an international MMO that became huge here in America, to the point of having its own television commercials. In this game you can build up an army of heroes, equip and upgrade a huge variety of goodies for multiple heroes, engage in all sorts of quests, free roam, join guilds for raiding and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Taichi Panda: Heroes!

You’ll come across loads of different types of equipment as you play the game. It can be tedious to figure out what’s strong and what’s not, so go to your hero’s equipment screen and hit Change All to automatically equip your character with the best equipment that you have. Space out your equipment between multiple characters.

Your hero level can be as high as your party level, so use items to upgrade your hero, and then go to the abilities area and upgrade all of their abilities to match their level, Do it all over again whenever your heroes gain levels, or let them go for awhile if you are having no battle difficulties, and do all of the upgrades at once later on.

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If you need to gain some extra experience levels, go to an area with all kinds of monsters, set the battle mode to full auto, plug in your phone and let the game do the work for you. Make sure that your phone isn’t set to auto-hibernate when you do this. Leave it alone for awhile and you’ll come back to a full load of experience and highly upgraded party levels.

Upgrading equipment can be done a lot more quickly than just doing it one by one. Go to any of the pieces of equipment that one character has, and as long as one piece of equipment has a red dot next to it, meaning an upgrade is available, tap and hit Quick Fortification to upgrade all of your equipment at the same time. This doesn’t upgrade the equipment of other characters, though.

As you gain levels, you’ll unlock more and more multiplayer options in the Fortitude area. The arena, which is a direct PvP battle, will be the first one. Other team-up and PvP modes will unlock as you gain more and more levels. Hit these for big rewards, especially when you run yourself out of stamina.