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Take the Cake: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Take The Cake is a new match three puzzler for the iOS and Android. You play as a little girl whose goal is to free the cake from whatever bizarre obstacles are encasing it, and help a bunch of odd-looking animals along the way. Of course, it’s all just an excuse for some good old fashioned Candy Crush-style action. Read on for some tips and tricks for Take The Cake!

Like every other game of this genre, you get five lives in this game, and when you lose a life there is a 30 minute timer to get it back. If you want to skip the timer, then set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by half an hour per life that you want to get back. Do this whenever you want and you can play for an unlimited duration, and never lose energy.

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Best of all, when you set the time back to normal, you will keep all of your ill-gotten lives. You can do this trick as many times as you want and still never have to keep your phone at some odd time in order to keep the cheat going. If they ever update the game to change this, though, then set the game into airplane mode when you try to cheat.

You already know about the cake bombs and the line-clearing cakes, but try mixing the two together. You’ll end up clearing 3 lines, all next to each other. Mix either piece with the hard candy and you will turn every single piece of that color into a bomb cake or a line-clearing cake. Mix two hard candies together to make the whole board disappear at the same time.

If you go to the menu in the middle of a level, or quit the level, you will lose a life. But if you close out of the entire game and shut it down (not minimize it, but shut it down entirely), then you will lose no lives at all. So you can restart levels as many times as you want by doing this.

Always be sure to check what the goals are before you start playing a stage, or you might end up going for the wrong goals and losing a stage that you thought you were doing really well on. And use your power ups sparingly, because gold is expensive and doesn’t come around too often.