Tales of Wind (Laplace M): Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Tales of Wind, known outside of the USA as Laplace M, is a unique new MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms. This is one of the few MMOs that doesn’t rely on an auto-battling system, so while much of it is standard MMO fare, the battles require an old-school reliance on good hard strategy.

Aside from that, there is a whole huge main story quest to complete as well as a lot of side quests, tons of resources and currencies to collect, and load up on cards and gear. Plus, you have a ton of rewards to collect as you go.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Tales of Wind, also known as Laplace M!

You have four different class types as you play through the game. The Warrior is balanced and specialized in close-range melee combat. Promote to a Paladin to turn it into a tank or a Berserker to turn it into a balanced huge-attack specialist.

The Mage has good range and does a ton of damage. You can promote the mage into a Pyromancer, which is a fire specialist, or the Frostweaver, which specializes in ice spells.

The Cleric is one of the healers; you’re the supporter in this role as you heal and cast support spells. Turn him or her into a Priest for a major healing spell upgrade, and into the Ranger to get back much of your fighting abilities.

The Assassin is the speediest character, and is reliant on quick attacks and evasion over defense. They can become an Asura to attack with claws and to become specialists in Crit and on strong attacks. Or they can become Ninjas to learn lots of debuffs to weaken enemies before you sneakily kill them.

For battles, each enemy requires a different type of strategy, but what it boils down to is place the emphasis on avoiding getting hit as much as on landing hits. In easy quests it doesn’t matter, but in hard quests, you’ll die quickly if you don’t avoid taking hard shots.

To do this, keep your distance, and when applicable, hit the enemy enough to restore the amount of energy that you need to land a skill (or at least a skill that requires energy gems). Use that skill, then run away. Run back when it’s safe and hit them with non-energy gem skills and with basic attacks. Repeat until the enemies, and the bosses, are beaten.

Skills have to be aimed properly, or else they won’t land, and you’ll end up wasting energy and time. Hold your finger on the skill button to see the aiming circle/bar/etc come up.

Aim at as many enemies or (for healing spells) comrades as possible. Then let go to fire off a shot. Be quick, but don’t be too quick to aim.

You’ll pick up cards from many different sources, including summons, which are arguably the best kind of card skill. The reason for this is that if you get low on health, you can use a summon, get a full restoration, then turn into a creature with an all-new set of attacks. Then when your summon runs out of time, you change back and get your health back agai.

Equip every piece of gear that you have with cards in order to add more and more skills. Equip new gear whenever you earn it too so that you can keep doling out more and more powerful attacks, and so that you can take more hits.

Make sure to do your Kingdom Quests daily. They completely reset once per day whether you complete them or not, making them this game’s version of daily quests, so they are important to do.

You’ll get a ton of gear as you play, so be sure to manage it wisely. Keep the stuff that is more rare, and that fits your playing style. Get rid of the stuff that is more common and/or that doesn’t fit your playing style at all.

You can play Tales of Wind on your PC or Mac, and if your account is binded, you can use the same account as your phone or tablet for maximum progress.

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