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Talking Tom Jetski – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Talking Tom Jetski is the latest game by Outfit7 inc, the company that created all the apps starring the same characters talking back to you when you talk to them. This game comes without the talking, though; instead, you can play as either Tom or Angela (I’m sure Ginger is going to be added to the game a bit later) riding jet skis, avoiding the water and collecting all of the good stuff while avoiding anything that can make your crash. Read on for some tips and tricks for Talking Tom Jetski!

Mostly, in this game you can collect coins. But other than that, collect any piece of fruit that you see, too. Essentially, if it looks like something you would want to collect, collect ti, and if it looks like something you would not want, then leave it alone.

Complete all three missions in order to add one to your score multiplier. When you do a new set of missions will pop up, so then complete those too. There is a nearly endless amount of missions to complete, so you can have a sky-high multiplier, making it VERY easy to beat your friends at this game.

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Tom and Angela play exactly the same way, so it doesn’t matter who you pick. All bonuses that you earn throughout the game, such as the multipliers from completing the missions, will also be shared, as well as things such as high scores.

After you lose and you have a semi-decent score, the game will give you an option to continue by watching a video. Watch the video and you will be able to keep going. You can do this as many times as you want per round, as long as the game has videos available for you to watch.

The speed-ups and slow-downs are fairly basic stuff; however, watch out for other good power-ups as well. The fist power-up puts a shield around your cat, allowing you to crash through any obstacle that you want to for about one point per obstacle. This even includes large ones such as rocks and shipwrecks.