Tank Stars – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Tank Stars is a new 2D turn-based tank battling game for the iOS and Android platforms for fans of games such as Scorched Earth and Worms. Your goal is simply to destroy the other tank, using one of many weapons and strategic movements. You can get new tanks, load up on weapon upgrades, and even compete in tournaments to earn prizes and rank, as well as earn coins and gems. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tank Stars!

You can get a whole bunch of tanks in this game; the main difference between the tanks tends not to be the hit points or any other stats on their own. Instead, each tank comes equipped with its own set of weapons. The Abrams and the Coalition will have totally different weapons than one another, for example. Generally, the tank with the most upgraded weapons is the best bet, it’s really more about getting used to the weapon action.

Whenever you finish a vs computer battle or whenever you want to watch a video ad, you can earn a chest. Chests include weapon cards to allow you to upgrade various weapons, or they include coins, or even gems. Once you have enough cards to upgrade a weapon, you can then spend coins, add a star to its level, and increase its power (and sometimes its explosion range).

Tournament mode allows you to pit more than one tank against multiple waves of tanks. While you should generally pick the one with the most weapon upgrades, also pick the tanks that have the most area-damage attacks. You’re going to have to deal with many waves featuring multiple tanks, so area-damage attacks are your best bet against them.

There is no benefit to running over sheep. The main reason to run them over is for the fun of seeing them squish. However, there is a benefit to picking up the green boxes that appear often on the map when you’re in battle. Grab them and you’ll pick up a weapon to add to your arsenal. This gives you more options if you want to switch out weapons immediately or later.

With some tanks, especially the Abrams, there are a lot of short range shots, and if you aren’t close to your enemy, you will never be able to hit them. Use as much fuel as you can to get as close as possible to the enemy tank or, if they are too far away, simply switch weapons to one that has a longer range.

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