Tankr.io: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Tankr.io is a new tank battling game for the iOS and Android platforms with a top-down perspective, multiple gameplay modes, and a whole range of tanks for you to unlock. You can fight for the top score, to be the last tank standing, or to kill the most tanks in the given time period.

You can earn coins and gems along the way, with more earnings depending on how well you do. You can unlock all sorts of new tanks, as well as upgrade the tanks that you already have.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Tankr.io!

In the battles themselves, at first it seems like aiming is done by dragging in the direction that you want to shoot; however, your tank actually auto-aims. All that you have to do is tap on the target/shoot button over and over to fire shots as rapidly as possible.

When you do this, you’ll automatically shoot at the tank that’s closest to you. You’ll make far more kills this way.

Of course, the higher your tank level, the easier it is to kill and/or survive. Collect the blue diamonds on the level so that you can gain levels, boost your tank’s HP, attack, speed, and other stats, and try out more diverse weaponry.

The three game modes are Chaos Battle, Wilderness Mode, and Time Limit. Chaos Battle is similar to Slither.io, where you fight for the highest score overall. Wilderness Mode is like Fortnite, where you’re fighting to be the last tank standing.

Time limit is more like Hole.io, where you have to kill the most tanks in the given amount of time. Unlike in other modes, you’ll keep respawning in this one after you die, until the time limit is up.

If you are playing with an internet connection, there are a ton of free rewards available for you. Once you die, you can revive with your previous level and number of kills and take revenge by watching an ad video. Or, if you choose not to, you can open a free 25-gem reward by taking the “additional reward” offer.

You can access tasks and achievements by tapping on the clipboard button on the main screen. Tasks pay coins when you complete them, while completing achievements gives you free gems. Aside from ad videos, this is one of the best ways to get free gems.

The main use for coins is to upgrade your tanks. Even if you don’t currently have enough coins to upgrade your tank or tanks, go to the tank upgrade menu anyways and watch the ad video offer for a free 1,000 coins.

Do this as often as it becomes available to earn a ton of coins (every two minutes). Also, tap on the “coin/gem” button on the main menu to take that video offer, as well.

In addition to upgrade your current tanks, you can also buy new tanks using gems. Tap the left and right arrows next to your tank to switch to different models of tank. Then tap the color of your choice to pick a color.

Colors matter not just for the appearance of your tank, but also because different colors of the same tank have different stats. You have to balance between HP, critical, stamina, speed, attack, and CLIP (whatever that is).

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