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Tanks A Lot 3v3 Brawls: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Tanks A Lot is a new multiplayer .io-esque game for the iOS and Android platforms where teams of three tanks compete against each other for victory and supremacy. You can earn coins and gems and upgrade your tank, and use your newfound strength to compete against stronger and stronger players. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tanks A Lot!

As much as the equipment boosts and changes can make a difference in battle, one of the biggest difference-makers is good old-fashioned strategy. Have a good hit-and-run strategy in place so that you can escape into the bushes and go invisible after you run out of ammo or after enemy tanks start shooting back at you. Once you stop firing your weapon, you’ll regain health, to use that to recover and stop enemies from recovering.

Try out all of the different types of weapons that you earn to see which one is the best fit. Some will deal splash damage, such as the Flack Cannon, while some, such as the Terminator and the Taser, do long-range, heavy damage in a straight line against one tank at a time. A weapon that has a lot of ammo will give you a huge advantage so that you can stay on the attack without having to reload often.

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Whenever you win a battle, you get a chest in one of your chest slots. Set it to open and you can either wait it out, gem it out to open it instantly, or watch advertisement videos in order to speed along the opening of a chest. Also, the headhunter’s chest opens up to anyone who wins battles; win ten medals and the chest will become available for instant opening.

The more trophies that you get, the harder that it will be to win, because better players tend to be the ones with more trophies. If you’re having too hard of a time winning, and you need more equipment, but you can’t win, then intentionally lose a number of matches until you drop ranks. You’ll then start getting matched up against worse players, and it will be easier to win, so that you can get more chests and thus more upgrades.

When you start off, you’ll be in league 1, but as you gain trophies, you’ll move up to new leagues. With each new league comes a new range of available cards. Once you move up to league 2, new commanders will become available to you as well, giving you their own set of boosts when you equip them.