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Tap Campus Life for iPhone: How to get more cash and Diamonds

Tap Campus Life, for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, has two different types of currency for you to play with. The main currency is cash (represented by the little icon that looks like a stack of dollars), and it’s also the most common one in the game. The premium currency, however, is Diamonds, and with Diamonds you can buy items that you otherwise normally would not be able to get. In addition, diamonds allow you to speed up what is normally a fairly slow game. Read on for tips on how to get more of both!

Your girls collect cash regularly from their jobs, but if you don’t collect for awhile, they stop earning cash. When this happens depends on the girl – if their currency is measured per hour (for example, 40 cash per hour), they stop earning after one hour. For two hours (ex. 320/2 hours) then they stop after 2 hours. Make sure to check the game and collect frequently to maximize cash earnings.

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No matter which girl and how long they take to stop earning currency, spend your extra cash on taking classes in school in order to increase your academic points, and enable your girls to apply for better jobs.

As well, when you are recruiting new girls, recruit the ones who require the most closet points or the mouse house points to go after, because these are the ones who will earn the most money from their jobs once you have them, and even though this will slow down the process of recruiting more girls, it will also require you to spend less on rooms and furniture than recruiting more girls who are worth less money.

To get more Diamonds, you can do one of two things. You can buy more Diamonds using real money by clicking the “+” sign next to the diamond calculator. Or, alternatively, to get free Diamonds, go to the “goals” menu, look for all of the goals that say “win Diamonds” next to them, and complete those to collect your free diamonds.”

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