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Tap Heroes: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Tap Heroes, the “Idle RPG Adventure”, is a new tap-happy RPG adventure for the iOS and Android platforms. This game takes the fun of Cookie Clickers and other “why the hell is this so addicting endless-tappers, puts it to a level-based gameplay that’s loaded with all sorts of upgrades and power ups, and just like the ones that came before it, this is more addicting than it has any right to be. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tap Heroes!

Upgrading the powers will cause your taps to become worth more. Upgrading your heroes allows them to do their thing automatically, and will help their passive numbers. Improve your warrior’s attack and speed to increase the attack power per attack and the speed to increase attack frequency. Increase the health to make it so that your warrior can take more hits and your crit to increase the frequency of the critical hits (1 percent added to the chance of it for each level added).

In addition to the usual gold, you can also get gems, and early on in the game, these gems can go to permanent use. You start off with the Warrior, but you can also purchase the Mage for 1 gem and the Rogue for two gems. The Mage will cast healing spells on you every couple seconds, while the Rogue will shoot poison arrows that “stun” the enemy for a bit, stopping their attack. Once the poison sets in they will take damage as well, every second and a half or so.

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Wanna earn a ton of coins? It will take awhile, but plug into a charger, then go to a regular level (not a boss level), and if you have your heroes upgraded to a half decent level, you can let your phone sit so that your heroes kill enemy after enemy for awhile. Just make sure that your phone is set so that the screen does not shut off after a certain amount of time. Leave the phone plugged in and the game on and watch the coins pile up!

Change your focus once you get to a boss level as they are extremely hard to kill. Once you get to the boss, focus more on the healing taps unless you have a VERY highly leveled-up Mage, because usually the bosses will take almost all of your health with just one attack. Take it slowly, then move onto the next stage as soon as you beat the boss. Most of the bosses do not pay nearly enough coins to even be worth fighting again, although initially when you beat them for the first time, you will earn bonus gold and gems.

Your “powers” (besides your attack, crit and heal) allow you to have a specific advantage for one minute at a time. Once you unlock one, it will be yours forever to use for free after the cooldown time is done. As you rack up more and more of these, use them especially against boss characters for a quick advantage against the most difficult enemies.