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Tap Knights: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Tap Knights is a new idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You get control of a warrior, a wizard, and a priest, and you can collect gold, diamonds, soulstones, and honour, while progressing through increasingly tough levels and unlocking and upgrading new equipment. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tap Knights!

This game can either be an idle RPG or a clicker RPG, or both, depending on your style of play. Tap on the right side of the screen and the warrior will attack. His attack power is half of what his idle attack power is, plus a percentage that any of his equipment gives. The speed that you can tap, though, makes up for it. Tap with more than one finger to maximize tapping speed for maximum damage dealt.

Equipment can be earned through opening chests, and then boosted using soulstones. Equipment works on the rarity scale – purple means rare, green means uncommon, white means common, etc. The rarest version of a piece of equipment is automatically equipped. Soulstones are used for upgrading equipment; use them on the equipment that you think you have the least chance of replacing.

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Once you unlock the mines, go there and you can earn some idle income. The gold mine can be unlocked at level 40 or so; win the battle and the income will start. The diamond mine can be unlocked by paying $6.99 or the local currency equivalent if you’re from outside of the US. You’ll have regular income that will last even through when you do a rebirth, so you can start off quickly with some speedy upgrades after a rebirth.

When you get to the tougher boss fights, you’re going to need to use your special abilities to beat them. Tap the special attack button above each of your characters to use their abilities. Save them for the second that the boss fight starts. Use them, and then tap to attack at rapid fire with the warrior. This should defeat almost any boss extremely easily.

Save up your gems for the absolute rarest ones possible. A free chest costs nothing except about thirty seconds of ad-video time. A golden chest costs 100 gems, a diamond chest costs 600 gems, and a magic chest costs 2,500 gems. The rarer chests are usually worth it price-wise over the common ones.