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Tap Mafia – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Tap Mafia is a new clicker game that tasks you with both making as much cash as possible and with defeating rival mafia bosses in order to advance in the game. You can earn coins, weapons, gems, ammo and other goodies, then you can level up and prestige, allowing you to do it all over again with even bigger advantages. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tap Mafia!

The upgrades allow you to not only make more per tap, but add multipliers to your various buildings and reload your ammo. Ammo is put to use any time that you tap. Shots do far more damage than punches, which is what you do when you tap and do not have any ammo. Rockets and gunners, which are earned from the brown square boxes, do even more damage to the mobsters on screen when they are used.

If you want to speed up your purchases, especially after leveling up a few times, go to the building store and hit 10x, 100x, or max. If you want to speed them up even further, hit the Buy All button instead of buying everything one at a time in order to buy either 1, 10, 100 or the maximum of whatever is available. Use this and you will just be able to focus on your tapping due to all of the time saved.

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The red boxes give you weapon fragments. Go to the weapons menu to build whatever you unlock – weapons, cars, you name it. Each weapon or car that you build will increase the damage that your taps, punches, and rockets do to the gangster on the screen. Killing the bosses will provide you with big bonuses, so the faster that you kill them, the better.

Always level up as soon as it’s available to you. There is no benefit to waiting longer than you have to – the multiplier doesn’t increase if you do. Each successive level-up will require you to be at a much higher net worth, but will provide a larger multiplier boost than the one before it.

Tap the truck whenever you see it roll by. The truck always contains the best gifts. The only catch is that you need to have an internet connection if you want to collect on them. The reason is that an advertisement video will pop up when you watch them. Once you are done with the video, you’ll earn the entire bonus, which can be either gems (the premium currency of the game), ammo, or one hour’s worth of income. Sometimes they’ll give you less money but no video will be required.