Tap Paradise Cove: Get free rubies and energy

Tap Paradise Cove, by Pocket Gems, has you exploring an island frontier, expanding your land not just to make room for building new stuff, but to cut your way to some seriously cool artifacts and structures to explore. The city building part only exists to support the exploration factor in this game. Rubies are your form of premium currency in this game. Energy is, like many other games, a limiting factor, as it costs energy to chop down trees and do other necessary actions in this game. There are a few ways to get free rubies and free energy. Read on to find out what they are.

Right now, there is currently only two known ways to get free rubies in Paradise Cove. One way is to gain levels, and to gain levels, you need to either chop down trees or buy a building. If you have a lot of money, you can buy a building, sell it, buy it, sell it, and buy it again, etcetera, and do that in order to get more experience points. Doing that alone should be enough to increase your ruby gain. Right now, that’s the only known way to get free rubies without spending any real money. The other way is to explore caves and other man-made or natural landmarks on land that you buy. The explorers will find not just piles of coins, but rubies as well.

To get free energy in Tap Paradise Cove, you can do one of two things. The first thing you can do is gain an experience level, and your energy will be restored completely. Maximize this effect by timing any energy-requiring task so that you are either out or almost out of energy right when you’re about to gain a level. Then, get the experience you need, gain a level, and get your entire energy bar refilled.

The other way is to use your free rubies to buy some free energy. This can extend your gameplay a little bit, but it’s generally not recommended because there are other ways to spend your hard earned rubies.

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