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Tap Quest: Gate Keeper – How to get every relic in the game

In Tap Quest: Gate Keeper, you can earn up to eight relics per stage. Your star scores for a stage are based on nothing but how many relics you have, so you can end up beating a stage with 0 stars if you find no relics, but if you have all eight relics on a level, you can earn 5 stars. Read on to find out how to get all of the relics in Tap Quest!

When you play a level, make sure that you open the chests that drop. Sometimes they drop when you kill an enemy; other times they will drop at random. When they do drop, open them to find out what it inside. Usually, it will be a batch of coins. Sometimes, though, it will be a relic. Pick it up before it disappears, and then you will have it forever.

What are relics good for? They provide bonuses to the base stats of your hero, your fairy, and your tower. For the hero, they will increase either damage stats or critical chance, or critical damage. For the fairy, they will increase one of those, or they will increase the frequency of attack. For the tower, they will do the same thing as they do for the fairy. The higher the upgrade levels on your hero, the tower or the fairy, the more good that they will do since they increase the stat by a percentage and not by a set number.

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On the main upgrade screen, hit the red X button to go back to the main menu. Once you are there, you can go to any world that you have already beaten and play it again. When you beat the boss on that world you will progress on to the next world. Start at level 1 and then work your way up for the maximum chance at earning more relics.

Looking to earn a specific relic? Unfortunately, there is no rhyme or reason to which relics fall and when they will fall. You just have to keep opening all of the chests that drop. You can maximize chest drops, though, by slowing down the fight. Drag it out, don’t massacre all of the enemies at the same time, make sure to keep your gate protected, and watch the chests randomly drop.

Scour the left and the right sides of the screen, too, because very often chests will appear at the very corners of the screen. Be sure to open them all very quickly so that you can get back to your gate to defend it. Bosses drop chests, too, but you have to open them very fast, and these, too, often contain relics. Get there too slowly and the round will end before you have the chance to collect it, so be very quick about it.