Tap Skaters: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

By | 20190108

Tap Skaters is a new iOS and Android one-tap skateboarding game where your goal is to earn as many fans as possible while going through levels and earning coins. The game plays like a reverse Donkey Kong, where you tap to drop down to the next lower platform until you make it to your goal. You can earn coins and use them to not only unlock new characters, but new furniture as well. Read on for some tips, hints, cheats, strategies, and tricks for Tap Skaters!

The stages are at first split evenly between levels where you have to travel down a specific number of platforms and levels where you have to collect an item to win. Later on, you’ll unlock race mode as well, as well as other unique modes where you have to catch a specific person. Currently there are 50 total missions, each of which gets tougher and has more obstacles than the last, and they can last a very long time as you get on in levels, but practice and replay levels if you need to in order to warm up.

You can collect coins within levels, but the quickest ways to collect coins are by watching ad videos. Go to the furniture menu or to the coin store menu and you’ll see the option to watch a video for 30 coins, as long as you have an internet connection. Levels have a lot of coins, but each coin is worth only 1. If you’re a high-roller, more coins can be bought with in-app purchases, but there are better uses for them than that.

Once you beat a level, you earn fans, but you can also earn fans (far more, in fact) by adding new furniture and items to your apartment. Tap to purchase it, and it’s placed automatically, and each item that you purchase adds to how many fans you earn per minute. The best way to load up on fans, by far, is to have more and better furniture.

You can earn fans while offline from the furniture, as well, so stay offline for an extended period of time in order to get more fans. Come back to the game to auto-collect all of your new fans. If you have an internet connection, an offer will be available to watch an ad video in exchange for doubling the amount of fans that you earned while you were offline.

Another way to earn more fans is to spend your coins on new characters. They’re good for an instant fan boost, but not an extended fan boost; you earn all of the fans as soon as the character is unlocked as opposed to earning fans per minute like with furniture. This also allows a degree of customization to the game, as each character gives you a new appearance that you can use as an option.

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