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Tap Smiths – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Tap Smiths is an innovative new clicker game where you play as a blacksmith who crafts weapons, armor, and other goods for the shop owner to sell. The shopkeeper is demanding and your time per round is limited by your fuel, os you have to craft quickly, and you can make a huge variety of items and earn coins, iron, gems and other goodies such as blueprints for new items.

As you smith you’ll find new blueprints, and if you have at least one upgrade to the smelter, you will be able to unlock them using the iron that you collect from each round. Uncommon and rare items can earn you a lot of coins, but common ones are will show up at any and all furnace temperatures. Upgrading your common items is generally the most effective method of earning more gold as they show up at all times.

At the end of each round, the shopkeeper will assess what you crafted and pay you accordingly. Make sure to squeeze a few more coins out of him by tapping him before you move onto the next crafting session. You can usually tap on the shopkeeper about five times to earn extra coins.

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The most efficient way to upgrade is to upgrade all of your various smithing-related items (hammer, anvil, bellow, etc) at around the same time, to the same levels, before moving onto a different upgrade level. This allows you to spend the least amount of money possible while getting the biggest effect possible.

The one possible exception to this is the hammer because you add so much power to your hits by upgrading it. The more power that you add to each of your hits, the less hits that it takes for you to craft an item. The next best upgrade is to the fuel, because the more fuel that you have, the longer each round can go.

Whenever the round ends, tap on the video button to watch a video to continue the round. You get either gold or iron as a bonus – more of it than you would get from the round itself. Don’t purchase the gem restart because although it gives you chests as a bonus, you’re paying the same that you would if you just bought the chest in the main store, and in the main store you can pick the chest.