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Tap Sports Baseball 2015: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Tap Sports Baseball 2015 is the latest version of Tap Sports Baseball for the new year. This Glu Games PvP baseball game lets you play one inning at a time, batting back and forth against other players, Words With Friends style. The name of the game is batting, and your goal is to out-hit the opposing player so that you can outscore them and win. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tap Sports Baseball 2015!

Keep an eye on the ball so that you know what pitches are coming, and plan accordingly. Don’t swing at the curveballs. The only pitches you should swing at are the fastballs and the change ups, which have the same trajectory as the fastballs but are as slow as the curveballs. Figure out the proper timing of your swing and you will be able to score a huge number of hits.

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Stats are as simplified as possible in this game, so pay attention to the stats of each individual player. Power and hitting are metrics that control how easy it is to hit the ball, and how far the ball will go once you hit it. Speed is important once said player is on base, because then you have a chance at stealing a base.

If you have a really fast player, there is a SLIM chance that you might be able to bunt for a base hit. Otherwise, save the bunt for situations such as when you have players on base and want to advance them. If you really have a wild hair, try to squeeze-bunt a player home from third base and manufacture a run, in Baseball speak.

Watch out for the bonus games, as these are some of the best opportunities to earn more gold and more franchise coins. Also, go to the IAP store and you can complete offers and watch free advertisement videos in exchange for the opportunity to earn some free gold. Earn cash by playing in more games against other players. Start as many games as you can so that you have as much opportunity to earn more cash as possible.

Make sure to spend your gold and your cash wisely when it comes to drafting players. Use them both to try to improve your team, and when you get a new player, go to the team area and compare that player against the player who is currently starting for your team, and then make the better player the starter. Repeat and gradually you will build up a stronger and better team.