Tap Sports Baseball – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Tap Sports Baseball is Glu’s new free to play baseball game for the iOS and Android platforms. In this game you only play as the hitter and your main goal is to knock the hell out of the other pitcher before the opposing player (it’s mostly a PvP game) knocks the hell out of yours. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tap Sports Baseball!

Learning when to time your hits is the most important key to hitting in this game, as is learning when to lay off of a pitch. Watch the opposing pitcher’s pitch all the way from his hand to your catcher’s glove to see whether it will be a strike or a ball. Swinging at balls is the fastest way to strike out. Also, keep an eye out for curveballs.

Lay off the curveballs until you get your timing down on the fastballs and change-ups. Once you see enough of them, though, you’ll be able to fairly easily discern whether a curveball will be a ball or a strike. If you can time your swing right, you’ll knock it clean out of the park, since curves are more likely to be fly balls than fastballs are.

Often when you end up in a close situation (runner on second and a single is hit, for example), you will get a prompt to either make a run for it or stay put. This depends entirely on the speed of your runner. If his speed is 6 or higher, you’ll generally be safe taking risks on the basepaths. Otherwise, it’s best to have them stay put.

Gold and cash are your two main currencies in this game. You can earn free gold by going to the IAP store and watching advertisement videos, or by completing free offers from an offer wall which will earn you free gold. Otherwise, gold is paid for. Cash can be earned by completing innings in games.

It costs a ton of gold or cash to go for a new free agent. The better decision, generally, is to go for the upgrades instead. Upgrading your pitching coach, hitting coach and other coaches will have a benefit to your entire team, not just one single player. Only when the upgrades get prohibitively expensive should you start considering free agent purchases, or when you’ve loaded up on enough free gold to make it worthwhile.