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Tap Sports Football – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Tap Sports Football is the latest in the Glu Games series of one-touch sporting affairs, following up the hit Tap Sports Baseball. In this game you play a game controlled by one touch apiece, but you control the strategy as well. Kicking, passing, running, they are all to be decided by you, and then you can also pick the defensive schema in order to try to prevent the other player from scoring on you. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tap Sports Football!

The best way to get more money in this game is to participate in as many different games at a time as possible. You’ll have to play against other players and you send moves back and forth, almost like in Words with Friends, but with football. Keep the number of games played to a maximum, or at least to as many as you can handle.

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Spend your money whenever you can on better draft picks in order to improve your team. While the first-rounders are very expensive, the second-rounders can be purchased without any of the premium currency/IAPs, as long as you save up long enough. one might not make much of a difference, but many of them, when added together, will make a HUGE difference compared to replacement-level players.

No matter what move you choose you have one touch, so use it wisely. Tap to pass if you chose a pass play. Tap to cut away if you chose a running play. Tap to kick on a kicking play. Be sure to make use of the short dump passes when you have either defenders closing in on your QB (rarely ever happens) or your main receiver is under too much coverage to make a good catch.

Keep a mental note of what you see used against you the most, passing plays or running plays. Set your defense depending on this. If you play a lot against one individual player (over and over), make note of their strategies and counter them with moves that they would not expect. The more that you can take your opponent by surprise, the more you will win.

Also very important is to figure out how to time your passes so that your receiver can catch them on the run. If you throw the pass too early, he’ll either have to dive for it or he’ll be completely unable to catch it. If you throw it too late, then he will have to slow down or stop in order to catch the ball, leaving him at a much higher risk of getting tacked or intercepted.