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Tap Tap Dig: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Tap Tap Dig is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you tap to dig deeper and deeper into the earth, going through level upon level of dirt, obsidian, stone, and other materials until you get to the very center. As you go you can earn diamonds, coins, and buy all manner of upgrades, from special skills to helpers. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tap Tap Dig!

Your primary method of breaking through the earth is to tap to dig; luckily, you can tap with as many fingers as you want at a time in order to speed things along. Multiple taps always read separately, so you can tap with five or six, or, if you’re using a tablet or an iPhone XS Max, you can even use up to 10 fingers at a time for massive income.

Take advantage of your helpers’ talents. Every 20 levels that you upgrade them beginning at level 10, and then every 50 levels beginning at 100, you’ll be able to purchase a new talent for them. The level 10 talent will be a multiplier for their own earnings, as will the level 30 talent. The level 50 talent will be a tap multiplier, then the level 100 will be an idle damage multiplier. New talents unlock all the way up until level 400 for each of your helpers.

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Tab over to the third tab for research quests. Spend gems for a permanent bonus such as 100% all tap damage or idle damage, and then you can either wait for the research to complete (usually takes four hours) or watch an ad video in order to speed things along. Head over to the sixth tab for permanent multipliers that can be unlocked whenever you watch an ad video for any reason, whether it’s to speed up research or to collect double your offline earnings.

Once you hit the fourth area, you’ll be able to prestige by causing a big bang, which sends you back to the beginning but with fossils, which allow you to purchase benefactors and which give you bonuses on their own. Each fossil is worth 5% damage bonuses. If you spend a fossil, you lose the bonus, but if you have enough fossils, you’ll be able to spend them and take a net gain due to the benefactor, instead of a net loss.

Wait for as long as you can before you prestige, because the longer that you wait, the more fossils you get. Get the damage multipliers from the research quests and the video quests as soon as you can so that you can get farther down into the earth per tap by doing more overall damage. Watch all of the multiplier videos that you can to speed things along even more. Get deep and then load up on the fossils.