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Tap Tap Trillionaire – How to load up on free books and coins

Tap Tap Trillionaire is a new clicker game that takes the investment concept of Adventure Capitalist and Bitcoin Billionaire about a hundred steps further, allowing you to buy and sell stocks, even risking a loss in order to try for a profit. Coins are your main currency, but books are also an important one. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to earn free coins and books in Tap Tap Trillionaire!

Books are your key to earning more coins, and as you may have noticed when you first play the game, you earn them every-so-often when you tap. Once you hire traders, they will earn books for you when the game is logged on, and the more of them you have, the more books that you earn.

The following method will earn you nearly unlimited coins and books. Set your phone display so that it never shuts off from inactivity, then plug it in and set it down, leaving the game active. Do this while sleeping, working, or whenever you aren’t going to use your phone or tablet for a long time for other reasons. Your traders will earn you loads of coins and books on their own the entire time that your phone is active.

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Concentrate on upgrading your traders based on which ones are cheapest to upgrade first. These ones can be upgraded to very high levels for not a whole lot of coins, and usually, this leads to very high coins-per-minute earnings for that trader. This is especially true, for some reason, for common one-star traders, far more so than for five-star traders.

Traders will often bring deals to you in the form of stock purchases. The percentage chance of success will be listed in the bottom part of the deal. This will actually be wrong; you tend to win deals a majority of the time. The percentage number actually refers to how many MORE coins you add when the trader comes back to you with the sell option, and you use it to sell.

In the stock menu, buy low and sell high. Buy a high upgrade level for your stock license so that you can buy and sell high quantities of stock, instead of just the few hundred shares worth that you would get from the level 1 stock license. Buy the bonds and artifacts trading licenses and do the same thing. Always read the price charts before you buy or sell.